About Us

goldarticles.org is a student-led social enterprise. which, through the development of an accessible, communicative research network for Goldsmiths’ UGs, PGs and alumni, will facilitate wider interdisciplinary undergraduate research (article submissions; dissertations [old and new]; and discussion forums).

Evolving Goldsmiths and the ongoing UCU disputes have shown us that the writing really is on the wall of the institution’s liberal echo-chamber. This climate of mass restructuring must be negotiated, and this requires an open, anti-oppressive, communicative framework.

Our mission statement is that goldarticles.org will:

Provide an undergraduate hub concentrated on academic excellence, and sociocultural collaboration, where students and staff can work to improve undergraduate research standards at Goldsmiths.

Inspire personal, moral and academic development within an anti-oppressive communicative framework.

Encourage discipline and sensitivity, in order to build collectivity on campus.

Whilst championing equality, transparency and privacy through our ‘character-first’ online environment.