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  • Private Ownership and Big Data Paradigm
    Why is the private ownership of social media data a problem for civil society? In the digital era, the services of private social media companies (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Twitter) are entrenched in civil society … Read More
  • Romanticising Pirates
    How can we explain the romance with pirates in Western culture?  Sam Mandi-Ghomi (2018) The immersion of Pirates within western culture has developed so far that records are actually being set by the genre now. The best-selling … Read More
  • Middle Eastern Tension
    How would you describe the tension between authoritarianism and democratisation in the middle-east? By its very nature, the Middle East is a conflicted and confusing part of the world, lacking a clear and coherent identity but … Read More
  • National Populist Symbolism
    How does critical sociological work on ‘race’ and class help us move beyond symbolic stories of Brexit? In the build-up to the 2016 European Union (EU) Referendum, ‘analysts concluded that there was ‘little risk’ of an … Read More